Sonntag, Mai 20

Days Trough My Phone / Two

Oh how long I have been waiting for this storm, for the rain to
rest on leaves. Two days ago I went for an evening run in a heavy rain.
It was one of the most beautiful things I experienced this month. A soft song in my
ears and the cold drops on my skin. Almost no one on the paths, a secret forest 
area with tall trees covered in ivy.

I want to take you along with me and my phone over the last week.
Oh, and we will be on vacation to Belgium for 9 days! :)

Before the rain came we had incredible warm days. Now that we have a garden
I look out even more for the weather to know when I have to come and water 
all the plants. When I'm there I make sure to sit on the swing under
the hazelnut bush at least once. :) I love that now and then a little light spot
that comes trough the branches touches me. 

Under the apple tree are even more patches of light
that remind me of tiny clouds in a brownish sky.

I went on many walks and bike rides trough the park where I spotted one of my
favorite plants growing big already. 

Sometimes I walk through our city and want to be more aware of what is
hidden in this path on the side or behind trees, the streets I never go 
to and then I just admire all the textures, colors and the nature that grows wild in it.

We also went to a house viewing in this lovely building. A dream of mine was always to live in a brick house. :) It had such nice big white wooden 
windows in the hallway that I hoped the flat will be just as nice. Sadly it wasn't really what
we are looking for. I gave up counting on how many flats we looked at so far...
Sadly it's quite hard to find something nice and affordable in our city. 
We would love to have a third room, because my office is taking up
almost all of our living room and it can be hard to separate work and daily life.
Especially when you have a cat named Willow that likes paper and 
sitting on everything. :) But beside of that we love our flat
for many reasons, even if not everything is perfect here it's
where our home is and can hardly believe someone else
could make it to their own.

I spotted this window on the way there with some nasturtium that was looking
at me so beautifully. I can't wait to see the seeds turning into these interesting shaped
leaves in our garden. (Because I couldn't resist sowing them. They have a yummy taste too!)

More brick walls & more plants. Because you need them in your life too. :)

I started to write down all the things I want to see and go to 
+ all the amazing tips you shared with me (Thank you so much!!)  in my little travel notebook
 for Belgium. Would you be interested in a little guide when I come back?
Of course Willow decided to sleep right there.

Also enjoyed baking rhubarb cake with lots of crumble. I had some dough
left, stored it in the fridge and made some blueberry rolls of it.
They actually were even better than the cake! Especially with some fresh mint tea. :)

More days and evenings in the garden! I picked my first bigger flower bouquet that is
still on our kitchen table. Beside the peony that lost all it's petals some days ago...

Oh hey hey! It's me waiting for our hummus, baba ganoush and delicous bread.

Then it was time to prepare a batch of orders and taking them to the post office.
Of course in my beloved basket and on my forest green bike. :)

Yesterday I also took some pictures of my workspace and storage area 
for a little interview I did for a beautiful brand.
They hired me to do some illustrations for them and wanted
to share a little more about the person behind this project. How nice!

And here we are at the end of this week. I was awake
almost all night and had to get my blood tested very early in the morning.
I don't mind being up early though. :) The streets are quiet, I saw lovely plants
behind the parking lots, birds drink and bath quietly in puddles
under the trees.


Dienstag, Mai 15

A new start in a new light?


First of all thank you so much for your comments under the
last post or if you are a silent reader for looking at this blog now and then.
It was so nice to hear about the things you would like to see here.

I'm writing this from the kitchen table, with some herbal tea while
the rain heavily crackles on the window. It's a stormy evening, a storm
I was waiting for so long.

I thought a lot about how to change this blog in the last weeks 
and now that I know you want me to be a little closer I think about it even more.
I have to say that it's not easy for me. Even if I have so many things in mind
that I would like to share I don't really know if it's the right thing and how to keep
this a special corner. 

A thing you maybe not know about me yet is that I struggle with being very sensitive
and having constant mood changes. It follows me like a shadow for several years now
and photographing as well as sharing things on this blog
has always been and still is like a cure for me. It became something natural,
because photography belongs to me.
It's like a thought I keep thinking on in another way every day.
A thought that excites me and makes me dream.

I would like to imagine this place to be a happy place. A place
of inspiration and light for everyone. 
And in all these years I received such great and intimate mails, messages and letters
from you that I could see it means something to a few people on this

I want to let you see life more through my eyes.
A little deeper in certain moments.
And I would love to share the things I currently love,
more about my work, daily life and our garden.

But for now I will take you into the golden
hour of this Sunday. Into one of the happy days. 


Mittwoch, Mai 9

Sleeping for too long or not at all

Hello dear people,
The days are passing fast and at the same time
it feels like they don't end.

I wanted to share some analog frames with you that
were sleeping on a roll of film in a camera I didn't used
for a while. As well as the little video I put together
about celebrating my birthday on two days & the sounds of my April.
 So here we go.

I was wondering if you want to know (or see) more
about personal things here too, or what you
are interested to see here in general.
I love to share my work here, but sometimes I'm wondering
if this place should stay how it is or
if it needs a fresh wind maybe?

I would love to read from you here. 

Until then, take care.

Montag, April 30

little guest

sometimes small wonders happen.