Dienstag, Januar 16

The Absence Of Light


In the beginning of January the sun was rare. 
I don't remember if I have ever missed the
sun that much or if it has ever been that absent before.
It seems like days go by faster, like it's afternoon all the time.
Life just goes by.
And then this day came where the sun went up behind the mountains.
I could see and feel it coming and it was all mine.


Freitag, Januar 12

Secret Garden Magic

l e t s   g o   b a c k   t o   t h i s   g o l d e n   a u t u m n   d a y 

where anna and I discovered this small garden café behind 
some houses. we felt magical in this light that seemed so absent for
a while. Just like it does now.

muse: anna


Donnerstag, Januar 4

When December Felt Like Spring


December is over and so is this year. 
What a strange one you have been. So many ups and downs, so much light
and yet so many mountains to climb on and things to bear.
So many moments where I lost hope
and so many moments where I still went on. 
And as my hair grows and tiny green leaves already gaze at me
I feel a new start is right around the corner.


As every month I want to share my favorite songs
of this month with you. I hope you will connect your memories
to them just as much as I did. 


Montag, Dezember 25